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With a view to optimizing results and diversifying its business, and to add value to its commercial offering, Grupo Piñero has created the Real Estate Division. The mission of this Division is to acquire land around the Group’s hotels, develop it and build golf courses on it. This adds value to the land while offering another service to guests of the hotels. The constant movement of guests in our hotels throughout the year provides the Division with a large number of potential customers. Customers acquiring one of our properties can enjoy a second home with all services of a hotel and the quality assurance of our brand.

Much of the success of this new line of business created by Grupo Piñero is knowing how to maximize the Group’s various synergies.

know how in construction: The experience gained over the years through the construction of a large number of hotels in all destinations, has enabled us to offer a very efficient final product of very high quality at a good price. It has also given us the ability to establish our own construction company, aimed at building houses for our end customers.

Know-how in relations with the public administrations of the various destinations: The vast experience we have gained in our relations with the public administrations at each destination enables us to obtain the necessary permits for the development of our residential areas and to offer the end customer a product with no risk, no worries. We take care of processing all the licenses required by the resident for the construction of their residence, as well as transferring the property with all its title deeds.

Facilities: The sports facilities of our developments, such as the golf courses or the Marina, enable us to offer more and better services to our hotel customers. The residents of our complexes can benefit from our hotel facilities, such as spas, gyms, restaurants, etc.

Property Exchange - Rental and Resale Management: The large number of customers of our Tour Operator and of Bahía Príncipe are also potential customers for the rental or purchase of a residence.

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